Category: Field notes

WhiteFox logo

The quick white fox … We thought we’d share some insight and some of the shear hard graft that went into the design and development of the WhiteFox Design and Build logo — including some […]

Type: projected

Type: distorted Distorted type projected by the sun onto our studio wall this morning. We popped in to pick up some essential home-working supplies … which only made us realise just how much we miss […]

Mr Blue Sky

The sun is shining in the sky … Hey there Mr. Blue We’re so pleased to be with you Look around see what you do Everybody smiles at you iPhone SE camera snap. Blue sky. […]

Rainy day, dream away

Ah let the sun take a holiday The view from the studio window on a rainy Thursday morning … It’s not all bad though. It’s lovely and cosy in here with Ruth’s paintings and Radio […]

Flying the nest

I’ve been making another little mixed media bird. This one has such character, it takes a little time for their true personality to emerge. For a long time this was like a blue avocado pear. […]

Ticket to Ryde

Back to nature Blowing away the post-Christmas cobwebs on the beautiful Isle of Wight. A big walk, with sore feet and muddy boots taking in Brading, Brading Marshes, Bembridge, St. Helens, Seaview and Ryde. Great […]

Throwing shade

Sometimes nature takes care of things Our design studio is based in a Grade 1 listed building, so we can’t put anything on the walls. Fortunately, some reflected sunlight and shadows gave me a momentary […]